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Most of the Randall knives shown by the model numbers below are not in stock. We are now accepting orders for all other Randall knives for delivery to you in AUGUST of 2014.

To view Randall knives we do have in stock,  Click here.

Prices shown on this site are our 2014 prices. As such, your price for delivery in the year 2014 is now "locked in", and no future increases will incur on your orders placed today.

Do you have any Randall Knives you would like to sell? We are always wanting more knives and will pay you a fair price. Call buyer David Harvey at 1-800-992-6574 to discuss terms.


Model 1 - All-Purpose Fighting Knife

Model 2 - Fighting Stiletto, Letter Opener, and Boot Knife

Model 3 - Hunter

Model 4 - Big Game & Skinner

Model 5 - Camp & Trail

Model 6 - Carving Set

Model 7 - Fisherman-Hunter

Model 8 - Trout & Bird Knife

Model 9 - "Pro-Thrower"

Model 10 - Salt Fisherman & Household Utility

Model 11 - Alaskan Skinner

Model 12 - All Bowie Models

Model 13 - Arkansas Toothpick

Model 13 - Small Arkansas Toothpick

Model 14 - Attack

Model 15 - Airman

Model 16 - Diver's Knife

Model 17 - Astro

Model 18 - Attack/Survival

Model 19 - Bushmaster

Model 20 - Yukon Skinner

Model 21 - Little Game

Model 22 - Outdoorsman

Model 23 - Gamemaster

Model 24 - Guardian

Model 25 - Trapper

Model 26 - Pathfinder

Model 27 - Trailblazer

Model 28-4 1/2" "Woodsman"

Nordic Knives Special Bowie

Non-Catalog Randall Knives