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Chris Reeve

CRK-Freyja : Custom One-Piece Freyja

  • 15" blade of Damasteel, 19 3/4" overall length
  • Blade was hand ground by Chris from 2" round bar stock and has a beautiful and complex concave and convex grind
  • Integral Damasteel hilt and handle
  • Handle has horizontal and vertical grooves for style and texture, and is hollow in order to fit onto a custom stand
  • Beautiful and ingenious custom stand is made from purple heart wood and ebony. It separates and has a compartment inside to store the knife, and the fitting which resides in the handle while on display is also removable from the stand.
  • Includes original hand-made and framed calligraphy by WARD DUHAM which reads: "This knife is named Freyja after the Norse Goddess of love, war, fertility and wealth because the Damasteel is made in Sweden. When I conceived my design of the one piece knife 17 years ago, I had no way of knowing how popular or how long lasting that concept would become, or along what roads my love of knives would take me. Those roads have brought me half way across the world and to a position where I have almost no physical involvement in the making of the knives that are marketed under my own name! The building of my business has consumed my time to the extent that I have had no time at all to make custom knives. This piece, made for exhibition at the 1999 Knifemaker's Guild Show, is the first art knife that I have made since 1987. My intention is to showcase the concept of the one piece knife by stretching the limits of my mono-block design concept and pushing the limits of technology relating to the making of knives. I started with a 2 inch round bar of Damasteel, the most modern and hi-tech of the Damascus steels available today. I have not used CAD or computer controlled equipment; rather I have crafted this piece entirely myself, creating it with hand tools and manual machines. The process has been lubricated with my own elbow grease."
  • Blade is signed by Chris on the front ricasso, and dated on the back "7-10-99"
  • This one-owner knife shows the amazing craftsmanship and artistry of a man who helped change the knife world with his designs. It is also the knife which spurred the creation of the limited edition Freyja a few years later.

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